1. Income Tax 

(i) NTN Certificate

(ii) Filing of Income Tax Return

(iii) Filing of monthly Statement

(iv) Conduct hearing of income Tax officers

(v) Appeal on behalf of Client in CIT/Tribunal

(vi) Miscellaneous Income Tax Work

2. Sales Tax 

(i) Sales Tax Registration ( STRN )

(ii) Filing of Sales Tax Return ( Monthly )

(iii) Book keeping for sales Tax 

(iv) Appearing before sales Tax officials.

(v) Appeal 

(vi) Miscellaneous Sales Tax Works

3. Corporate Affairs:

(i) Company

a) Company Registration / Incorporation

b) Filing of other documents

AGM / Enhancement / Allotment of Shares / Charge Creation/Charge Satisfaction/Change of Address/Change of CRO etc. 

(ii) Firm Registration ( Partnership firm )

(iii) NGO’s Registration

a) Under Societies Act (1860)

b)Under The voluntary social welfare agencies (1961)

c) Under companies act (2017)

4. Feasibility Report Writings

5. Registration of Trade Mark / Copyrights etc.

6. Providing Services in Financial Accounting Like Book keeping/Financials (For Pakistanis and Abroad Firms/companies).

7. Providing Services in Bank Courts Cases from Bank side as well as from Individuals/companies.